Ship Models from Kits – Basic and Advanced Techniques For Small Scales

Ship Models from Kits
Basic and Advanced Techniques For Small Scales
David Griffith
144 pages
Publisher: Seaforth (February 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1848320914
ISBN-13: 978-1848320918

 In the past thirty years the world of model kits has undergone a veritable revolution. New techniques in injection moulding have improved the scale accuracy and surface detail of the humble plastic kit, while many specialist companies now produce top-quality resin models, vastly broadening the range of subjects on the market. However, the really radical change has been the advent of photo-etched brass fret, which allows the finest detail to be reproduced to scale. In ship modelling, this has resulted in a new form of the hobby, mid-way between traditional build-from-the-box simplicity and the time-consuming demands of fabricating everything from scratch.

  What’s on the Market
  References and Resources
  Tools, Techniques and Materials
  Basic Construction: Plastic Models
  Basic Construction: Resin Models
  Adding Detail to Smaller Parts
  Bringing it All Together
  Painting and Weathering
  Setting the Scene – Bases and Dioramas
  Model Gallery
  Appendix: Dealers and Suppliers

Using step by step photos the author takes us through the building of two kits, one plastic and the other in resin. Throughout both build there are tips and techniques passed along to the reader to help them better their abilities when building a kit of their own.

For the Plastic ship kit, the author has used the Tamiya 1/700 USS Indianapolis, the complete assembly sequence, including the replacing various parts of the ship and the use of photo etched detailing sets is shown step by step.

For the resin kit he has chosen the NNT 1/700 HMAS Sydney and shows us more advance techniques while still using etched brass to create beautiful detailed parts.

Overall the book is well laid out and the photographs are top notch which will make this book well worth having on the work bench.

Strongly Recommended for ship builders.

Thanks to Seaforth Publishing and Pen & Sword for the review copy.

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